Monday, August 30, 2010


I think I might have pushed a very sweet guy away.I have tried to make it right but his phone is off :(. I hope everything works out. I have never had a guy care about me like he does. Never had someone tell me I look beautiful every day, no matter if I have make up on or my hair fixed. I was beautiful to him no matter what.I have never meet someone so caring, sweet, honest , someone i can run to if I just needed a hug. Someone that if i had a bad day could make it better just by smiling. I hope he calls, to hear is voice will make it all better :"(
Colored my hair,not to sure about it lol. Looks cute but idk if i want to go lighter blonde wat do yall think

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I never thought it would be so hard and lonely to move from home. I have been in Fort Hood since the 22 of  August, not that long. It has turned out to be the hardest thing i have had to do in my life. I just keep my head up high and hope for the best, even thought I miss the little town, where everyone knows my name. Cant wait to get to go home and see everyone. :/